Old School Pros Announce New Crypto-Currency Poker Site - Players Not Impressed?

6 years ago
Old School Pros Announce New Crypto-Currency Poker Site - Players Not Impressed?
21 Sep

Couple days ago, company called Breakout Gaming announced the launch of the new site that will be powered by the whole new crypto-currency named Breakout Coin.

Breakout Coin development is being funded by revolutionary new gaming platform, the Breakout Gaming. Under one virtual roof, online gaming site will offer online poker, casino games, sport books and fantasy sports and it will use its own private currency called Breakout Coin (BRO).

We are going to shake up the gaming community with the world’s first cryptocurrency that has a dedicated ecosystem for its coins - Johnny Chan

According to announcements coming from the company, Breakout Gaming, introducing its cryptocurrency called Breakout Coin or simply the BRO coin, designed to have an exclusive and dedicated ecosystem, will change the landscape of the online gambling market that runs on the digital currencies, using it instead of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and any other existing cryptocoins.

Johnny Chan added: We felt there was an untouched niche for digital currency enthusiasts to play digital games such as Poker, Blackjack and Fantasy Sports, all while investing in the long-term opportunity of Breakout being the next go-to gaming destination.

If you have somehow missed it, Johnny Chan is a Chinese-born American professional poker player who won 10 World Series of Poker bracelets. He is now the man who backs Breakout Gaming together with an all-star team of sponsored professional poker players. Ten largely “old school” poker players who have now been publicly associated with the new site are Todd Brunson, Ted Forrest, David Benyamine, Layne Flack, Toto Leonidas, Vladimir Shcemelev, Jennifer Harman, Huckleberry Seed and Jeffrey Lisandro.

David Gzesh, who has expanded his range of practice into various alternate currency and internet gaming matters, is also associated with the group consisting of players that won 38 combined World Series of Poker bracelets.

In life, we are always being told to work hard in order to play hard. At Breakout Gaming we’re offering the opportunity to have these two sides meet in an intelligently designed investment and gaming platform. It’s like an online gaming playground for the ‘cryptos’ of the world. - Jen Harman

Negative Initial Reactions

Breakout Gaming will function like a typical Bitcoin casino and it will be properly licensed and launched in legal-to-play markets only. According to reports, the initial offering of the BRO coins will run from 4th October, 2014. Breakout Gaming platform has been receiving heaps of activity and comments from players around the world, on their social networking sites and forums. Players from the world’s largest poker forum, 2 + 2, seem to be rather skeptical of the idea. Considering the whole Full Tilt fiasco that is still fresh in minds of many, this type of reaction is far from unexpected.

My first reaction is to not trust it, especially since they are taking bit coins and giving us their fake money That_pope;

Poker has moved on, if anybody thinks that having “old school pros” as the face of their brand will attract the young player pool they’re hugely mistaken. The 18 year olds coming through now probably don’t even recognize a handful of those players. FezioJnr;

There is already a site with its own currency. Lock poker. TheJacob;

Hello, old broke pros trying to get $ for them and their pals because that’s what this is. Wheatrich;

The fact of the matter is that cryptocurrency gambling in the future of casino and poker on the Internet. It’s just that this group of dunderheads isn’t the one who’s going to get it right. Monorail;

The outcry for the well regulated and functional crypto-currency room has been present in the community for quite some time. There are numerous rooms out there offering games in, for example, Bitcoins, but none have attracted a great number of players. As explained in their press release, Brekaout Gaming and the pros backing it are looking to fill this gap. However, initial reactions from those who should be the first to endorse it don’t look so good. Poker players have never been an easy group to satisfy and everything that has happened relatively recently made them even more cautious when it comes to their money safety.

The team backing the entire endeavor consists of players with generally good reputation and standing within the community, but even all that may not be enough to reassure certain players. There seems to be certain percentage of the player pool that doesn’t think that old pros can cut it in a new, quickly changing poker environment. It will be interesting to see how this project develops further and how the players react once it is up and running. Although first reactions from 2 + 2 don’t sound too promising, they do not represent the opinion of the majority, so it would be ungrateful to try and predict anything at this point. We’ll just see what happens after the launch.

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