“One Time” Comes In Every Time For Lex Veldhuis

2 years ago
“One Time” Comes In Every Time For Lex Veldhuis
25 Jul

You know that feeling when someone shoves in front of you and your sitting there with kings in the hole and you have to wait for a couple of villains to tank-fold before you shove all the tea into the middle?

Enjoy that feeling because its about to get warmer and fuzzier, because with all your gold out there, two more players are gonna snap the original raiser off with queens and jacks respectively. Revel in it for a moment, but pay attention to that ominous rumble in your gut, cus it is gonna turn out right. 

The original raiser has aces.

This is not a hypothetical for you – assuming you are Lex Veldhuis, in which case: Hi, big fan. If you’re not Lex then you may want to check out the clip below: 

At least it all turns out right in the end, with an implausible and redundant runner-runner.

Lex Veldhuis is probably one of the best examples of the 2010s poker star. He’s had almost no TV appearances, has no major live tournament wins, and the Hendon Mob lists him as the 2,742nd highest cashing live player. But he’s an online tourney killer, with a Twitch account and so the Hendon mob also lists him as the 66th ‘most popular’ poker player. For context that puts him equidistant in the rankings between Dave Ulliott and Joe Cada.

Though by the looks of it, that may just be down to rungood.

Watch Hi guys, this is a pokershow! -- !Pokershares !RYE !Triton from LexVeldhuis on www.twitch.tv

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