Online Maestro Johnny Tremz Scoops Global Poker Sunday Double for SC$14k

8 months ago
Online Maestro Johnny Tremz Scoops Global Poker Sunday Double for SC$14k
16 Dec

It was a Sunday to remember for New York online player Johnny Tremz, a never-before-done double-takedown of Global Poker’s Sunday Teaser and Sunday Scrimmage – landing him SC$14,000 for a 10-hour session on the site.

The second half of his lucrative double-header wasn’t even part of Johnny’s plans, getting ready for work the next day chief among them! A 4 and a half hour grind to take down the Sunday Teaser ahead of 207 competitors, however, gave him the idea that the Sunday Scrimmage was worth a shot too.

As he explained:

“In the Scrimmage I was in a big hand and I’d got up to about 20k in chips pretty quickly then I just kept building and building and it started to become a reality. I had so many things to do; preparing for work on Monday and I had to fit it all in between playing. I even had a shower while I was playing in the Scrimmage!”

Although Global Poker has been at the forefront of US online poker now for a while, our hero only joined up this January, stating:

“I love the software, it’s super smooth. Sometimes I watch other streamers playing on other sites that are available to US players and they’re just horrible”.

His favourite aspect?

“I love not having a HUD-enabled site; I’m a poker purist”, he explains, adding: “Poker should be about mental warfare, and of course there’s some luck involved, but the majority of the time the person who is winning that mental warfare is going to win, and that’s what I did heads-up in the Teaser and the Scrimmage.”

It’s only the past couple of months that have seen him get back into tournament winning ways, however, Johnny revealing:

“November was an incredible month for me. I’ve had a lot of success with MTTs over the course of my poker life, both live and on other sites before Black Friday, but it had been a while since I’d focused on that aspect, and that led to where I was on Sunday."

Now SC$14k better off thanks to his 10-hour winning run, thoughts have turned to what to do with the windfall – and where his Global Poker adventures will be taking him next.

“Maybe pay off some debt or take a vacation, even if it’s just a weekend trip somewhere,” he ponders, before expanding his plans a little. “Or make sure when I do go away this summer that I fly first class; something like that. Winning this prize is amazing and hopefully I can keep it going.”

As for online poker, it’s thoughts of the next big tournament series on Global Poker that have his attention.

“I played in some of the Eagle Cup events, and made it into the Tournament of Champions,” he explains, although adding that he hasn’t yet claimed a coveted title: “I haven’t won a championship trophy yet, but maybe that will be my goal for the Grizzly Games - the next series coming up - to get as many of the trophies as I can.”

Our man in New York, Johnny Tremz, won’t be alone in battling for the Grizzly Games championship, of course, record-breaking numbers a feature of Global Poker’s rise through the ranks of online poker sites in the US.

Online social poker, in which players can win real cash prizes, has really taken off – and with their unique $weeps Cash currency Global Poker are at the forefront, offering daily Ring Games, Sit & Go’s and Tournaments, as well as the numerous big series throughout the year.

Currently promoting their Christmas prizes and giveaways, it only takes a minute to register on and try to emulate Johnny’s double payout here.

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