'OptimusCreamCake' Wins the Inaugural Global Poker Championships Main Event

3 years ago
'OptimusCreamCake' Wins the Inaugural Global Poker Championships Main Event
03 Nov

'OptimusCreamCake' beats 'Gatton2019' heads-up to become the first ever Global Poker Championships Main Event Winner. 

The inaugural leg of the Global Poker Championships, the Eagle Cup, wrapped up this Sunday. The series had over SC$1.5 million and attracted over 25,000 players

The American online tournament series was, by all accounts, a success, with every prize pool surpassing the guarantee. The SC$25k guaranteed Main Event took place on Sunday with a final prize pool of over SC$31,300

The Eagle Cup Leaderboard

Despite having many other players breathing down his neck, 'Penta' held on to the first spot of the leaderboard for dear life and was crowned series player. 

Penta won five tournaments over the course of the Eagle Cup, including rebuys, 6-max, and ante up tournaments. This versatility will serve him well as he scored a $5000 tournament package that includes flights and accommodations to an yet undetermined live tournament.

Penta did not win the Main Event, however, that honor went to the amusingly nicknamed ‘OptimusCreamCake’, who defeated ‘Gatton2019’ in a hand ripped straight out of a movie.

The Eagle Cup's Final Hand

Optimus had pocket fives preflop and he decided to go all in against Gatton's Ace-King suited, it was a virtual coin flip for the Eagle Cup main event. 

Optimus was the slight favorite, he needed to dodge an ace or a king, then the flop came with two spades, the Jack and the ten, plus a jack of clubs that helped no one. 

Gatton now had a gutshot straight flush draw, and two overcards, giving him 22 outs. Optimus was still the favorite, but an uneasy one

The turn was a brick, a 9 of diamonds, both players (presumingly yelling "one time!" for the hundredth time) waited anxiously for the river, a five of diamonds, which gave Optimus a full house and the Main Event championship! 

With the Global Poker Championship being a resounding success for the relatively small poker site, it's no surprise they almost immediately announced its return through this commercial:

Stay Tuned to PokerTube for more on the Global Poker Championship, coming back January 2018.

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