partypoker Team Online Goes All-In With Hristivoje Pavlovic

3 months ago
partypoker Team Online Goes All-In With Hristivoje Pavlovic
20 Feb

The second member of partypoker’s new Team Online has been revealed as Aussie-born, New Zealand poker streamer Hristivoje “ALLinPav” Pavlovic – Pav joining Matty Staples who was named yesterday.

‘ALLinPav’ started out in poker as many others have done, learning the game in high school and battling the online microstakes for several years, learning the ropes along the way, before turning to streaming as a way to engage with others in the community.

Now a mid-stakes online player, Pavlovic’s TwitchTV channel has close to 40,000 followers, and his legendary 10 hour-plus sessions, as well as his “boundless energy and on-screen manner”, are what have caught partypoker’s eye.

Pavlovic said of his new starring role in Team Online:

“Signing with partypoker ranks as one of my proudest achievements. I'm stoked to represent a company that has strong ethics at its heart, and I can't wait to help build the great game of poker.”

The site’s plan to gather together ‘a collection of some of the world’s most high-profile online poker content creators and streamers’ was launched this week with the naming of Matt Staples, and Matt’s brother Jaime, as well as close friend Kevin Martin, were both among Pavlovic’s own earliest poker streaming ‘must-watch’ list.

Martin, who yesterday announced his departure from PokerStars as an ambassador, was cited by Pavlovic in an earlier interview as being instrumental in gaining him followers on Twitch.

Pavlovic said on his blog back in 2017:

“I went to his stream and told him I was streaming like a desperate pleb. He ended up hosting me for a thousand viewers and it was obviously a huge rush”.

Both Kevin Martin and Jaime Staples are widely tipped as possible Team Online members for partypoker, along with another recent PokerStars departure Jeff Gross.

partypoker, naturally, are drip-feeding the team member names for maximum effect, but have stated:

‘The creation of the team forms part of a wider company strategy earmarked for the following weeks and months with the focus on streaming quality, engaging content across partypoker’s main Twitch channel’.

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