Paul and Darren Phua Ask Court to Lift Ban on Poker

6 years ago
Paul and Darren Phua Ask Court to Lift Ban on Poker
08 Jan

According to the latest reports, the father-son duo of Paul and Darren Phua have requested that the court allow them to play poker in the casinos while awaiting trial in the case tying them to an illegal betting ring.

The Phuas were released on bail but on very strict conditions, one of which is that the two are not allowed to enter Las Vegas casinos, which they frequented often prior to their arrest. While most of the defendants entered into plea agreements that disposed of the charges against them, the Phuas want their day in court and are forced to stay in the USA until the case reaches a conclusion.

While the outcome of the case remains uncertain, especially considering extremely dubious circumstances under which the evidence was procured, it seems that the rich Malaysian businessman and his son are starting to get bored.

David Chesnoff and Thomas Goldstein, attorneys for the defendants, have filed a request with the court to grant the Phuas more freedom, including the ability to go shopping, visit shows around town and – play poker.

The Assistan US Attorney handling the case, Kimberly Frayn, opposed this request, stating that the accusations are directly connected to illegal gambling activities; these activities, in Frayn’s words, were furthered through associations created within poker rooms of different casinos.

Phuas’ attorneys, however, maintain that the charges have nothing to do with ‘illegal poker games,’ and hence there is no reason to keep the two away from the poker tables. Furthermore, casinos are highly regulated environments, making it very hard for the Phuas to conduct any illegal activites on the premises.

Whether the court accepts this request or not is less relevant than the fact that the two don’t seem very concerned about the legal proceedings against them. Despite the fact that they are waiting to 'face the music,' the Phuas are more concerned with being denied access to casinos and poker tables than with the upcoming trial.

There is no doubt that they have the best legal representation that money can buy, so perhaps they believe they’ve done everything they could and now just want to relax and have a good time since they can’t go back home. And what better way to relax than a poker game with six and seven figure pots?

Adding to the Phuas’ confidence is the support they have recently received from Malaysian authorities. It seems more and more that they will walk away from this whole thing without any serious consequences and it will all be much ado about nothing.

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