Paul Petraglia Wins 2017 World Poker Tour Bestbet Bounty Scramble For $315,732

2 years ago
Paul Petraglia Wins 2017 World Poker Tour Bestbet Bounty Scramble For $315,732
26 Oct

It was a big day for bounty hunters across the poker world and as poker pro Martin Kabrhel was taking down the WSOP Europe bracelet version over in the Czech Republic, it was the distinctly ‘non-poker pro’ Paul Petraglia who scored the payday of a lifetime in Jacksonville as he scooped $315,732 at the WPT bestbet Bounty Scramble.

With 323 entries to the $5K buy-in event, Petraglia was likely considered a complete outsider – 24 years as a pilot in commercial and corporate work not being the usual background of a WPT winner, the St. Augustine, Florida man having cashed for less than $22,000 previously – all in events within a stone’s throw of his home.

This week, however, the poker gods were smiling kindly on him as he outlasted a final table which included the likes of 3-time WPT champion Darren Elias as well as defending champion Sam Panzica who between could boast of over $8.5million in previous tournament winnings.

Among those who cashed were Matt Affleck, the brother of beleaguered Hollywood star Ben, who busted out in 25th spot for $11,204, and Jessica Dawley, who fell in 11th but took home $25,333 for another deep run.

When Petraglia, Elias and Panzica got down to 3-handed play, the experience was expected to tell – but the two pros cut each other up first, Panzica winning a race against Elais’ pocket 7’s after pairing his ace on the flop, leaving Panzica on the verge of a historic back-to-back double.

It wasn’t to be however as, despite being ground down at one point to a 5:1 chip deficit, Petraglia mounted a comeback, the heads-up play lasting almost 100 hands before a nerve-shredding final hand gave him the title…

The pair got it all-in on a board of 8♥ 6♥ 5♦  Panzica at risk but still drawing live as he watched  Petraglia table a  flopped straight with 9♠ 7♠ against his own J♥ 3♥. The run-out failed to help him, though, as the turn 8♣ and river 2♣ bricked and sent him home with a $210,783 paycheck for second and leaving Petraglia to celebrate his huge win.

Final Table results

1Paul Petraglia
2Samuel Panzica
3Darren Elias
4John Esposito
5Gaurav Raina
6Shankar Pillai
7Kirk Corson
8Charles Carlson
9Alexander Rocha

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