Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari to Star in the 'Underground Poker' TV Show

4 years ago
Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari to Star in the 'Underground Poker' TV Show
05 Sep

Both Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari are great players and colorful characters in their own rights. But you put them together, and we are talking a whole new level of entertainment. All fans of high stakes action remember the banter between these two every time they were seated at the same table.

The duo had their own TV show for a little while as well, called 'I Bet You'. Every episode of the show was centered around Phil and Antonio daring each other to do crazy and fun stuff while betting their own money. Although entertaining, the show did not meet a lot of success and was discontinued after the first season.

After some down time, the two will once again appear on the TV screens on September 10th. The show named 'Underground Poker', produced by the Discovery Channel, will feature Laak and Esfandiari trying to find their way into 'ultra exclusive and closely guarded underground games where fortunes are won and lost and won again'.

These underground games usually have a lot of cash on the tables, but getting in is not an easy task. You have to know the right people as money alone is not enough. For Antonio and Phil, this is not a problem, however, as these are the games that have been their bread and butter for a long time.

Down in the Big Easy, high stakes and danger preside with every raise and every call, and that’s why it’s exactly where Phil and Antonio want to be.

The first episode will see them head over to New Orleans, which should be the home of some of the most coveted underground games, at least according to the press release for the show. They will use their connections to get their seats in the game and, hopefully, earn some serious cash.

Although there is a real chance that Discovery will just go too far with the show and make it too unrealistic for any real fan (it wouldn’t be the first time), Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari are really fun to watch as a tandem so even if the producers go overboard, they two could still save the day.

The first episode is definitely worth a watch if you get a chance, just to get the feel for what it is going to be like and then you can decide what to do moving forward. Way I see it, with Laak and Antonio in the picture, it has to be at least decent – but we’ll see.

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