Poker Game Snitch in Trouble After Police Reveal Name

1 month ago
Poker Game Snitch in Trouble After Police Reveal Name
06 Dec

A raid on a Calgary poker party has led to accusations that the informant’s name was given out by police to those behind the illegal game, with threats of retribution and repercussions following…

 An invitation to a monthly poker game organised by and for oil workers at the Common Bond pub restaurant in Calgary was too much for one man.

The anonymous would-be poker player described the idea of what he claims was potentially 90 players descending on the venue as “an iffy judgement call” according to the local Western Standard newspaper, one of his friends contacting police.

That backfired, according to the man, when police raided the game and allegedly told people present who had informed on them.

“One hundred per cent, they told everyone it was a female with the last name of [undisclosed] who was the informant, so it was pretty easy to figure out where the tip came from,” he explained in an interview with the newspaper.

That, he says, has led to a “a number of people very upset with my family,” adding:

“My mom was in tears this morning when I showed her the message saying there were going to be ‘repercussions’.”

Those repercussions include threatening messages that his upcoming wedding will be disrupted, one stating:

“When you are getting married the police will be called to check on your gathering.”

Common Bond restaurant owner Omar Polyniak refutes the man’s claims, however, stating that the event was for only three tables of six players each, and following social distancing guidelines.

In all, he stated, there were 8 players who attended, and staff apparently already knew the identity of the woman who called police.

“I’m a family restaurant struggling to survive. We did absolutely nothing wrong but people have already called to cancel reservations,” he told the Western Standard.

However, the family who have received threats have said they will take the matter further.

“For the cops to say who the person was that ratted them out is very concerning. It can be dangerous to do that in some situations,” he explained.

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