Poker Players Alliance Shutdown Looms Without More Donations

3 years ago
Poker Players Alliance Shutdown Looms Without More Donations
20 Feb

The Poker Players Alliance is threatening to shutdown without more funding, letting it be known that failure to receive $25K in donations "by the end of March," could force the grassroots organization into the muck of online poker history.

Posts on social media as well as missives to players on the PPA's email list spell doom and gloom for the non-profit, punctuated by requests for more funding in order to stave off the group's demise. The PPA has been fighting for the rights of poker players for well over a decade.

Lack of PPA funding likely starting rearing its ugly head when it became apparent that gaming stakeholders in California remained at loggerheads over splitting up the online poker pie in the US' most populous state. Golden State cardrooms, Indian tribes and racetracks appear no closer to reaching agreement on a regulated online poker regime in 2018 than they were when the topic was first discussed in the mid-2000s.

It is believed that the PPA received much of its funding from the likes of PokerStars over the years, as well as from other gaming interests who had a stake in favorable legislation in the US. With no online poker bill even proposed in California this year - the most coveted state for regulation with a population of 38 million - money is apparently no longer rolling in to PPA coffers.

That has led to a changing of the guard at the PPA, with executive director John Pappas' resignation effective at the end of this month. Current VP Rich Muny will slide into the position of top dog, but may find himself in the unemployment line without proper financing to fight for regulated online poker.

Muny has been penning emails to PPA supporters and followers at a hasty pace, pleading for more support on the heels of Pennsylvania joining the online poker party with approved legislation last year. The emails have a familiar refrain:

"We now find ourselves possibly shutting down right before what could be the biggest year for iPoker and iGaming yet. PPA cannot continue fighting for poker if we do not meet our fundraising goal of $25,000 by the end of March. With support from poker players and enthusiasts like you, we can easily make this goal."

Branching out into the realm of advocating for sports betting regulation is being considered by the PPA. In light of the lack of funding for its poker efforts and with time running out, some see the possible sports betting endeavor as a Hail Mary of sorts, in hopes of finding a new revenue stream.

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