Poker Pro Ashley Hine Wants to Get on TV Game Show With Her Husband

10 months ago
Poker Pro Ashley Hine Wants to Get on TV Game Show With Her Husband
12 Dec

American cash game pro Ashley Hine has decided to branch out and give TV game shows a gamble: she and her husband, Twitch streamer David, made a public video submission to NBC, trying to get on the game show "The Wall".

The Wall premiered on NBC in December 2016, it’s currently in its second season. The convoluted gameplay combines trivia, games of chance and dealmaking: in the first round, five balls are dropped from the top of a giant peg wall with 15 slots at the bottom. Each slot has a different dollar amount written on it, the two contestants get the amount in which the ball lands added to their guarantee, provided they answer the trivia question correctly, asked for each of the five released balls, before the ball lands. 

In round two the contestant team separates, one goes into “isolation”, while the other stays in front of the wall with the host. The player in isolation gets asked three more multiple choice quiz questions, and depending on whether they answered correctly or not, the ball dropped after each question adds to or subtracts from their guarantee the amount which is written on the slot the ball falls. At the end of the show the isolated player, not knowing how many answers they got correct,  has to decide either to accept the original guarantee or take a chance and go for the prize they collected after round 2 and 3 - not knowing the latter amount.

In their video submission, we learn that the married couple and potential contestants have already decided on the roles: the poker playing mother of three, Ashley would go behind the wall answering questions, while veteran and Twitch streamer David would have the easier job, standing on stage with host Chris Hardwick picking which spots to release the balls from at the top of the wall. 

If the Hines do get on the show and manage to win money, part of their winnings would be donated to the Health Education & Literacy Providers Ministry in Africa, a Christian charity organization in West Africa.

"The concept of The Wall being like PLINKO but mixed with trivia and the unknown of separation between you and your partner becomes thrilling! It relies on trust and faith in your partner" - said Ashley Hine to about the appeal of the game.

Another female poker player, Maria Ho also dabbled in American TV game shows: she was a contestant in CBS’s Amazing Race back in 2009, forming a team with fellow poker player and actress Tiffany Michelle.

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