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Marton Magyar is a Hungarian online poker player and writer who covers the latest in poker news.

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Liv Boeree’s Three Pieces of Advice For You

In her second TED Talks lecture, Liv gave the audience three important lessons on decision making.

Absolute Poker and UltimateBet Players Are Still Waiting For Their Money

It’s been over a year and a half since the compensation program has been announced

The Day Dan Bilzerian Won $12.8 Million in a Poker Game

Dan Bilzerian has spoken about the day he won the most on poker in a single day

Leonardo DiCaprio Still Owes Money From a Poker Game

Irish singer Ron Keating claims that DiCaprio still owes him “a couple hundred dollars”

WSOP Spokesman Threatens Banned Player With Serious Legal Actions

Player Banned From Is Still Fighting For All Players

Live Poker Events, 3 years ago

Sam Greenwood Loses $1.2m Pot With a Flush

Another Mega Pot for Paul Phua In the Triton $1 Million Cash Game

The Story of an Underground Poker Club for Black Intellectuals

A D.C. underground poker club for black intellectuals is dismantling after no less than 76 years of existence

Online Poker , 4 years ago

PokerStars Launch New VR Software

An exciting teaser video has been released about PokerStars’ new VR software for the Oculus Rift

What's It Like at a Dan Bilzerian Launch Party - Model Tells It All

An Australian reality TV star gave firsthand account of what it is like to be inside one of Bilzerian’s famed parties

Gordon Vayo’s Lawsuit Against PokerStars is Getting In Front of a Federal Judge

Gordon Vayo’s case against PokerStars will be in front of a federal judge in November.

Should Big Winning Poker Pros Still Ask for Donations on Twitch?

Poker streamers can earn 5 figures a month on Twitch on top of their poker winnings yet they still ask for tips from their audience

Charlie Carrel is No Fan of GTO

Charlie Carrel Has Strong Opinions About GTO vs. Exploitative Play

Man Shows His Card Then Loses $65K Pot in Crazy Cash Game

What was supposed to be a causal $5/$5/$5 cash game turned out better for Eric Hicks than he could have ever imagined.

What Poker’s "Professional Best Friend" Is Up To These Days

Jeff Gross touched on a variety of topics - including the big blind ante, poker players boxing and Fortnite.

What's Behind the Recent String of DDoS Attacks Against Poker Rooms

What's the reason behind the series of transgressions against major online poker rooms?