Poker’s Most Annoying Celebrity Randall Emmett in 50Cent Trouble

1 year ago
Poker’s Most Annoying Celebrity Randall Emmett in 50Cent Trouble
30 Apr

If you’ve ever had the misfortune to shell out good money or precious time to watch movie and TV producer Randall Emmett spoil a good poker game, then you might just love the fact that rapper 50Cent has just opened a $1million can of whoop-ass on him…

As we wrote last year, the combination of ‘loud, obnoxious and crazy’ with ‘splashy, loose and losing’ may have endeared Emmett to his fellow players, but his fans in the poker world are few and far between.

Now his formerly close friend, Curtis James Jackson III – aka 50Cent – is chasing Emmett for what is believed to be a $1million investment or loan that has been owed for several years.

The poker community was certainly enjoying the very public discomfort, several pros and fans picking up on the Twitter exchanges…

As far as we know, ‘fofty’ – which seems to be either Randall’s pet name for 50Cent or a rather unfortunate typo - doesn’t play poker, but it’s likely that even he would make a better fist of the following hand against Phil Hellmuth

Ok, I’m being a little unfair on Emmett re his playing abilities – he actually has a number of tournament cashes to his name – but the debate over whether he’s actually good FOR poker is a different matter.

I guess the main questions now are, will Randall Emmett survive being chased by 50Cent? And if he does, will he still have a poker bankroll left to play with?

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