Poker Streamer YouPayMyF458 Dies in Murder Suicide

1 month ago
Poker Streamer YouPayMyF458 Dies in Murder Suicide
20 Oct

An Austrian Twitch streamer, poker player, and DJ has been found dead alongside his girlfriend in Favoriten, Vienna. The lady had been bludgeoned to death.

The police found the door of the apartment unlocked and initially suspected a double murder with a unknown assailent on the loose. Further investigation lead to the police informing the media that they now thought the man had killed the lady followed by stabbing himself.

Eagle-Eyed TwoPlusTwo Poster

As is often the case on TwoPlusTwo when something major happens, an eagle-eyed forum member spots the real detail.

The story was quickly published on an Austrian online news website and member Becherwerfer recognised the man as Twitch streamer Mario 'YouPayMyF458' Zwanzleitner.

He used to stream a mix of Counter Strike and poker. Other interests according to his Facebook page were all down the conspiracy lane. A mixture of 'COVID-19 is a hoax' and 'PokerStars have rigged my account' seem to be particular favourites.

“His FB page shows a mix of conspiracies/delusion (Covid-politics/rigtard posts), narcissism, xenophobia and catastrophically low intelligence.
He had an 11-year-old daughter.
What a time to be alive.”

As if all this wasn’t bad enough he told people that he was undergoing training to become a Navy Seal in the US but was actually banned from owning a gun in Austria.

33year-old Zwanzleitner was already known to law enforcement after being sent to prison for 32 months back in 2016 for the attempted rape of an 86-year-old woman. Other posters wrote how he was clearly not of sound mind but this perversely made his streams worth watching.

“His streams were always fun to watch, because he tilted very fast and spewed away his big stacks, after some bad beats. This is the reason, why his streams were so hyped.”

Zwanzleitner’s live tournament record stretches back all the way to 2007 with a total of $83,895.

This is a sad story and one full of hindsight. Mario Zwanzleitner looks to be one of many people who were in need of help but never reached out until it was too late.

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