Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure Winners Through History - Part 1

5 years ago
Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure Winners Through History - Part 1
08 Jan

It is that time of the year again. Every January for the past 11 years we have had the pleasure of witnessing one of the greatest poker festivals in the world, the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure. In 2004 poker was never before seen in Bahamas and Pokerstars chose this beautiful heaven on earth to host its flagship tournament. The tournament’s twelfth installment has now begun and we bring you a historic overview of all the PCA winners over the course of the years.

2004 – Gus Hansen (Denmark)

The 2004 was the first time Pokerstars threw the event, and it was held over a course of a week on a luxury cruise ship cruising the Bahamas. The entire tournament lasted 7 days, and when all was said and done it was the 30 year old “Great Dane” Gus Hansen who took home his first WPT title, over $450 000 in cash and the glory. Pokerstars pro Daniel Nagreanu came third, and both would go on to win multiple WPT and other major tournaments around the world.

2005 – John Gale (England)

In 2005, Pokerstars management decided to transfer the tournament to solid ground. This was the first time that the “Atlantis” hosted the tournaments, and the venue has never changed since. The tournament attracted much bigger numbers then the previous year with 461 runners and a prize pool of over $3.4 million. This time the title went to Great Britain, as Englishman Jong Gale won the first place prize of $890 600 and the title.

2006 – Steve Ambrose (Canada)

Once again the field had grown larger than the previous years with a total of 724 runners. The field was greatly increased by Pokerstars giving away tens of completely free seats, and running numerous qualifiers. The first place had for the first time exceeded $1 million and the Canadian Pokerstars pto Steve Ambrose took home the massive prize, becoming a millionaire in a matter of days.

2007 – Ryan Daut (United States of America)

In 2007 the Atlantis Resort and Casino once again hosted the prestigious event, that saw close to 1000 runners enter that year. While no American had won the Main Event in the previous three years, this time it was clear one would when the event was down to 13 players, as all remaining players hailed from the USA. At the end of the day it was American player Ryan Daut from New Jersey who took home $1.5 million dollars which amounts for the majority of his live cashes to date.

2008 – Bertrand “Elky” Grospellier (France)

In 2008 PCA became a part of the European Poker Tour, one of the most significant tours in the world of poker. This gave the event additional respect and the field finally counted over 1000, with 1136 entries. The main event lasted 5 days and once again it was a Pokerstars sponsored pro, Bertrand “Elky” Grospellier who won the event for a record $2 million, which was the biggest tournament cash in his career.

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