PokerTube to Host Poker Videos and Content as YouTube Bans Poker Channels

1 year ago
PokerTube to Host Poker Videos and Content as YouTube Bans Poker Channels
08 Mar

PokerTube may soon be offering poker vloggers the chance to host their content for free after a recent YouTube crackdown saw hundreds of videos deleted from many of the world’s finest poker content creators.

The recent spate of YouTube bans affecting poker vloggers has led poker players and the community to look for an alternative to the approach to the Google-owned platform’s stranglehold on content.

As we reported, Jeff Boski was the latest in a long-line of vloggers to run afoul of the YouTube algorithms that seem to lump our game in with ‘gambling’ in all its forms.

Boski’s double-take on the dangers of loaning and borrowing money was deemed ‘Harmful and Dangerous’ – an obviously ridiculous take that earned him another ban.

Jaime Staples, Andrew Neeme, Brad Owen and many others have seen their content similarly stricken by YouTube.

Although appeals can work to have videos reinstated and bans overturned, the time, energy and loss of earnings involved is becoming a serious drain on our game’s content creators.

Here at PokerTube, the powers that be are now seriously considering a ‘360’ and providing a platform for those who are tired of the battle with YouTube.

For those who may not have been around all that long in poker, PokerTube started out, as the name suggests, to showcase poker video content – providing a decade of free hosting before YouTube took over.

Unable to compete with the industry giants, PokerTube diversified, although we still have millions of videos available and a platform capable of meeting vloggers’ needs

  • Users can upload videos
  • PokerTube can publish, feature and categorise content
  • We have a loyal base of fans on social media that can help to spread vlogging content.

Conclusion: If YouTube continues to rid itself of poker players, we will make a statement on how players can use us for free.

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