Rainer Kempe To Giveaway WSOPE Shares

1 year ago
Rainer Kempe To Giveaway WSOPE Shares
04 Oct

Rainer Kempe has been making some serious noise about the great value to be had at GreySnow Poker. The German star signed for the Native American operation earlier in the year, and he clearly feels that it’s a great option for building up your bankroll.

Kempe is a huge star in the game - both live and online - and created a shockwave through the community when he signed for the fledgling company early in 2019. At the time he was regarded as the best player yet to sign a promotional deal and was expected to be picked up by one of the big-hitters. GreySnow Poker have pulled off a massive coup here.

WSOPE Action on Offer

In an incredible turn of events, Kempe has decided to offer some of his upcoming action for the World Series of Poker Europe. GreySnow Poker customers will have the chance at backing a man with $21 million worth of live tournament winnings. Those grinders who miss out on this great opportunity will be able to console themselves with several more promotions planned for the near future.

Why Play at GreySnow Poker?

GreySnow Poker is a poker site that likes to do things differently. Rainer Kempe spotted this as soon as they made contact with him. He knew right away that these guys want to do business the right way.

“Their search pretty much stopped once we had our initial talks. I felt valued, and that was a big thing for me.”

Once Kempe actually jumped onto the site and took a look at the tables he could see this was going to be a great place to play poker. The rake situation on the bigger sites can create a trap that makes it insanely tough to break out of microstakes. On GreySnow Poker this is definitely not the case.

“When I think about building a bankroll and getting into poker, then the MTTs on GSP are absurdly beneficial. If I were building my bankroll, being able to play 2-3 times per week, then this would be a choice that I could happily recommend to people, because I don’t think there are a lot of sites that are better for you to make money in the early stages of your career.”

Never underestimate how much the rake can affect your ability to move up the stake ladder.

Another reason to sign up to GreySnow Poker is the variety of games on offer. The company is now a part of the umbrella company GreySnow Gaming which offers more than just poker. Customers can take a break from cards and try their hand in the Casino and Sportsbook

If you’re looking for something a little different on the cards front then you should definitely try playing some Short Deck NL Hold’em. This all-action game has been the find of the last couple of years in the high-stakes scene. Total excitement and no need to worry about everyone having all the secrets because the game is so new.


The GreySnow Gaming outfit might be registered in the Isle of Man, but it is 100% Native-American owned and fulfills a specific function. All profits from the operation are used to supply the budget for community services for the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma. There is no paying the shareholders.

This is another great reason to sign up to GreySnow Poker. For further information see here.

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