Remembering 'Minneapolis Jim' Meehan

1 year ago
Remembering 'Minneapolis Jim' Meehan
15 Dec

The poker world mourns the loss of 'Minneapolis Jim' Meehan, born March 19th, 1952, who passed away peacefully this past December 6th at the age of 66. A WSOP regular since the 1990s, he would make history in 2003 by being the first one ever to win a WSOP and a WCOOP in the same year.

His first bracelet coming just as the Boom was brewing, he would take full advantage of the mainstream interest in poker, running his WSOP success up to  $1,410,092 in live tournament earnings by playing all over the United States. His iconic look and fun demeanor ensured he would often appear on TV during the boom years. 

Eventually, the successful poker player slowed down his tournament volume, with progressively fewer appearances in the tournament circuit until eventually retiring. 

He remained a respected poker player, being inducted into the Minnesota Poker Hall of Fame in 2015. On his induction, Tristan Wilberg, a member of the Minnesota Poker Hall of Fame committee said:

“When the poker world thinks of Minnesota, they think of ‘Minneapolis Jim.’”

Poker players remember Jim for his great sense of humor and many reminisced about how great it was to have him at the table. 

Despite being a successful poker player, he remained a practicing lawyer for 20 years. He is survived by his four sons and six grandchildren. Few of us can achieve in a lifetime half of what 'Minneapolis Jim' Meehan accomplished in only 66 years.

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