Rich Alati Gets $64k for Bathroom Isolation Bet Buyout

8 months ago
Rich Alati Gets $64k for Bathroom Isolation Bet Buyout
13 Dec

Rich Alati has emerged from his pitch dark bathroom prop bet $62,400 richer after fellow Vegas pro Rory Young bought himself out of the bet 20 days into the 30-day challenge

The surprise end to what was considered a highly unlikely bet for Alati to win, and somewhat dangerous to even attempt, came after Young found his captive opponent “in good spirits” during one of the random food deliveries.

Speaking to sports-betting site The Action Network, Young explained:

“At the last food drop, he was stronger than ever. I underestimated his mindset, his resolve. I’m not disappointed I made the bet, I thought I had the better side, but he has exceeded all my expectations.”

Alati even rejected a $25,000 offer to call a halt to the isolation prop bet, eventually negotiating $62,400 after revealing that he had found a way to keep track of the time.

Noises from a landscaping team working nearby to the Vegas home that Young had chosen for the challenge gave Alati some idea of how much time had passed, despite his room being boarded up to allow no light in.

Further details of the contract between the two also emerged, an 11-page document that included clauses covering any health issues – one of the main worries of Alati’s family and the poker community at large.

Young would be absolved of any responsibility for, among other things, “death, disability, blindness, diminished vision, loss of any eye function,” caused by his isolation bet attempt.

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