Robbi Jade Lew Emerged Victorious in a $500 Buy-In Event and Taunts Garrett Adelstein

2 weeks ago
Robbi Jade Lew
01 Apr

On Monday night at Thunder Valley Casino Resort, Robbi Jade Lew emerged victorious in a $500 buy-in tournament. She made fun of Garrett Adelstein in her winning picture by holding the infamous Jack Four hand.

One Day Event

The single-day tournament, 8-max no-limit hold'em, had 89 entrants. Lew beat Barry Birdwell heads-up to win $11,115. The second-place finisher took home $7,410.She was interviewed with PokerNews after her victory.

Lew stated that winning tournaments hinges on playing well and running well. She emphasized the importance of making the right decisions, whether calling or folding and noted that luck played a significant role in her success.

Lew triumphed in her first event since the Hustler Casino Live cheating controversy in September 2022. This win improved her total live earnings to $137,200.

She claimed that Monday's win wasn't easy. Lew played with a small stack until she reached the final table.

Lew explained that she plays well when she isn't the biggest stack immediately. She starts with an average stack and gradually grows it to a certain point. However, she excels when he has a large stack and knows how to maintain it.

Lew was not in the chip lead, as the tournament came down to five players. However, she had an unwavering belief that victory was within her grasp. That prediction became a reality.

Revisiting the J4 Hand Controversy

An enraged Adelstein stormed onto the casino floor and argued with Lew the second he made cheating claims during the famed stream. To calm him down, Lew supposedly reimbursed him $135,000 the amount of the turn bet during that argument.

Most poker enthusiasts saw the refund as an admission of guilt, something she has always denied after the news spread. However, others in the poker world have demanded that Adelstein return the funds to her.

Does she want the $135,000 refund? Lew expressed that she didn't feel the return of the $135 was necessary, but she did feel it was required because Adelstein didn't comply with the intended purpose of the money, which was to encourage his return to the stream.

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