Robert Mizrachi and Barry Greenstein – Highs and Lows of the WSOP 2014

6 years ago
Robert Mizrachi and Barry Greenstein – Highs and Lows of the WSOP 2014
25 Jun

While there are many players to watch out for during the WSOP, it is not that easy to get to them while they are not grinding. However, Pokertube’s own Rikard caught up with Robert Mizrachi and Barry Greenstein during their time away from the tables and managed to talk to them about how the Series has been going for them so far.

Mizrachi, who is still going strong in the Poker Players Championship, finds this tournament really enjoyable, as it gives him a chance to play different games while being quite deep stacked, and it is no secret that mixed game format is his forte.

He proved it in the inaugural Dealer’s Choice Event, where he seized his second bracelet, and he talks about his strategy picking the games depending on his stack size and opponents at the table. It is certainly a tournament he would like to see again in the future, possibly with a higher buyin as well.

For Robert Mizrachi, there are no days off planned in the closer future, as he intends to grind hard for the rest of the summer. You can listen to the entire interview below to find out more, including what is the place to go if you want to become a poker dealer:

Barry Greenstein’s Series hasn’t been going that well so far, and he actually claims that there will be no more interviews until he final tables something. Barry talks us through some of his biggest and most important hands of the summer, including a very strange hand from the $10,000 Razz championship.

Greenstein feels he really ran unlucky in the Series thus far and reveals that he doesn’t really plan ahead on what tournament he is going to play next. Before he would skip some of the smaller buy in events, because he had bracelet prop-bets going, but since they are not here this year, he just plays whatever comes next.

I’ve run pretty unlucky… Most of the events I looked forward to have now passed.

Barry has been quite involved in Chinese Poker games and he speaks about that topic as well. Although he finds it an interesting game, he doesn’t really see it as that addictive or entertaining, as he probably wouldn’t play it if it wasn’t for the money involved. For the most part, Greenstein believes it represents a sort of a substitute for online poker for people living in America.

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