Robert Mizrachi and Melissa Burr – Twitter Needling

6 years ago
Robert Mizrachi and Melissa Burr – Twitter Needling
24 Jun

One of the most important WSOP events, $50,000 Poker Players Championship, started yesterday and it has, naturally, attracted all the big names in the business. These tournaments always carry an additional component of prop-bets and last longer bets between the players, as pride and rivalry are unavoidable parts of poker.

One such interaction caught our eye, as Robert Mizrachi offered Melissa Burr 15 to 1 against on her cashing the Players Championship. Rob is well known to poker public and he comes on the wings of his second career bracelet victory from two nights ago and he is clearly in a good mood.

BOOKED. PokerRob24 just gave me 15-1 to cash the 50k ... hopefully he doesn’t ROB me like he did last event burrrrrberry;

On the other hand, Melissa is probably much better known amongst her peers as tournaments and ever growing game of No Limit Hold’em never really caught her attention. Thus, she stayed away from the limelight and remained rather anonymous to a casual poker fan.

This, however, does not mean she doesn’t have the game. Burr has been a Limit Hold’em and mixed-games player for biggest part of her career and has played in some of the biggest cash games around. Her Series this year has been going pretty well too, with some deep runs and close calls, the most recent one being in the Dealer’s Choice, where she finished 9th.

fuck no... I cant be giving those prices to bracelet winners... im just a helpless female trying to make history!! burrrrrberry;

With her now being well into the Day 2 of the event, Mizrachi’s challenge seems a bit optimistic, which he may have realized couple minutes later, and asked if Burr would give him 7.5 to 1 on him cashing, which Melissa politely refused, and some of her followers expressed the opinion it was awfully confident of Rob to offer these odds.

Apparently part of the reason why the bet was offered is the fact Robert’s younger brother, Michael ‘The Grinder’ Mizrachi is seated to Burr’s immediate left, but even so it might be overkill. Or it is simply some good-natured ribbing. Either way, Rob will now have a reason more to see Melissa sent to the rail before the tournament reaches final fourteen players.

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