Ryusuke Daifuku’s Creditors Still Trying to Hunt Him Down

4 months ago
Ryusuke Daifuku’s Creditors Still Trying to Hunt Him Down
27 May

Ryusuke Daifuku who disappeared owing $15,000,000 to various poker players is still in hiding as his creditors try to track him down. The latest sighting was in the coastal resort of Sihanoukville, Cambodia, where he was spotted playing a meagre $5/$10 game.


Nearly two months ago, Doug Polk tweeted that he heard rumours Daifuku was grinding in Florida and wanted to reach out to him.

“I have heard multiple rumours of Ryusuke being in Florida and playing poker. If anyone could put me in touch with him, I would appreciate it.”
Hustler Casino Live has had its fair share of controversy over the last year, but it looks as if Ryusuke Daifuku and his exploits tops them all.

During a 12-week stretch on the popular show, Daifuku banked more than $684,000 and was present during the now infamous J4 hand between Robbi Jade Lew and Garrett Adelstein. But it is now clear that even though he appeared to be doing well on the surface, he was borrowing money left and right and not repaying to anyone.

Hustler Casino Live reg Nik Airball is one such player who is owed a big chunk of change. During one stream he said:

“He’s a scammer. Ryusuke owes about $500,000 to me and several other people locally,” claimed Airball, who recently lost $1million to Matt Berkey in his high stakes grudge match. “He’s gone silent, he owes money in Japan, hasn’t responded in months and is gone. Like, verified, he’s a scammer, he owes me $160,000 personally. It’s unfortunate … such a nice guy I thought.”

With debts like that, and of the type that are unlikely to be legally enforceable, it is unlikely that Ryusukue is going to be coming out of hiding anytime soon. Especially as he will be unable to play in any meaningful games with stakes that will allow him to pay back the debt.

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