'Scumbag' Sammy Angleshoots Glantz

4 years ago
'Scumbag' Sammy Angleshoots Glantz
10 Jun

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Matt Glantz and Sammy Touil were at the center of a WSOP ‘angleshooting’ row last night which saw the Poker Night in America host calling for the rules to be changed in favor of protecting the integrity of the game – and witness to the incident Mike ‘the Mouth’ Matusow calling out Touil as a ‘scumbag’.

The controversial hand occurred late on Thursday night in the $10k Dealer’s Choice event, and saw Glantz’s 3-bet met by a ‘forward motion’ of all Touil’s chips to which Glantz instantly called all-in, flipping his cards over as he did so.

Touil, however, had not released or felted his chips, and claimed "I never went all in," which the Rio floormen and tournament supervisor agreed with after a long discussion – the rules of the WSOP not including ‘forward motion’.

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"You're allowing someone to take a shot!" Glantz said of the ruling. "There was a clear motion to go all in. You have to rule in the interest of the game and protect the integrity of the game. You cannot reward shot-takers."

The hand became more bizarre as the floor ruled that Touil need only call Glantz’s 3-bet and when the flop came the Frenchman went all-in, even though he knew his AJ was way behind the AK - having already seen Glantz’s cards! Hitting a 7-outer on the river, Touil took down the hand.

In an interview for PokerNews afterwards with Glantz and Mike Matusow -a witness to the entire incident – Glantz explained that although he agrees that the floor staff and their ruling was ‘correct’ he bemoans the fact that:

“They’d rather go by the rules than protect the interests of the game.”

A rather ‘erratic’ Mike Matusow weighed in on the debate by saying “This is the same scumbag who fucked Phil Galfond out of $300,000!” – a story which we covered last year when Galfond outed the French high-stakes player.

“It doesn’t matter that I lost the hand,” Glantz tells reporter Sarah Herring. “I just want to play a fair game, I want to play poker, I want to enjoy myself, I want the World Series to protect me as a player - and not protect angle-shooters.”

As is so often the case, Mike Matusow gets the last word:

“Don’t be a scumbag – that’s the bottom line!”

Although Touil won the controversial hand, he was knocked out of the event shortly afterwards but Glantz’s bad luck continued when he was the bubble boy, a good run ending in 17th spot but out of the cash. A resurgent Matusow, however, was deep into the final table at the time of writing.

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