Selling Sex for Buy-Ins? Marle Cordeiro Says it's OK

11 months ago
Selling Sex for Buy-Ins? Marle Cordeiro Says it's OK
09 Jun

Poker vlogger Marle Cordeiro has gotten plenty of attention for the titillating and risque humor displayed in her vlogs.

Her 22 YouTube videos have been viewed just short of a combined 1 million times since Marle burst onto the poker scene about eight months ago. There was an obvious demand for sex-tinged, tongue in cheek humor delivered by an attractive poker-playing female to a largely male audience.

Although Marle's YouTube account has been quiet as of late - she hasn't posted a vlog in about seven weeks as of this writing - she did post a pinned tweet back in April that has created a bit of a stir in some parts.


Selling sex for buy-ins is likely also tongue in cheek and is kind of a continuation of one of Marle’s earliest vlogs – and also perhaps her funniest. Take a look at the vlog below – her most watched video to date - as Marle relates how she gets her poker bankroll.

Parlaying her fame as a poker vlogger into a new gig as a host at the Triton Poker Series has perhaps kept Marle from putting out any new vlogs. But many of her 24,000 YouTube subscribers are wondering when the next video will be posted. Many are also wondering if she’s short on buy-ins.

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