Shaquille O'Neal Builds Ultimate Poker Treehouse Worth $Millions

1 year ago
Shaquille O'Neal Builds Ultimate Poker Treehouse Worth $Millions
10 Mar

If you ever wanted a treehouse as a kid, you have at least one thing in common with Shaquille Rashaun “Shaq” O’Neal. The now retired basketball giant, tried making a treehouse once with some friends when he was just knee-high to a giraffe. As an adult he gets to make that dream a reality.

In a recent episode of Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters Shaq had Pete Nelson, the treehouse guy, over to his country estate to build a place where he could “hang out with the fellas, play some cards, smoke some cigars, poker, blackjack.”

And boy does Pete deliver. If you’ve ever wanted to know 325 lbs of pure childlike wonder looks like when it is stacked a generous seven feet high, then you need to see Shaq viewing his new treetop CORE – an acronym he explains means: Chill Out Room Etc

“There’s better work on this thing than on my two million dollar house out there,” he tells Pete as he is shown around this man cave in the sky complete with a custom-built poker table, fully stocked bar with moonshine-jug decanters, and an electric humidor.

The other breaking news is that even in Shaq’s million-dollar treehouse home game everyone still uses a thirty dollar set of WallMart dice chips.

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