Shaun Deeb Opens Fire on Bryn Kenney

1 year ago
Shaun Deeb Opens Fire on Bryn Kenney
26 Oct

Shaun Deeb has posted a controversial tweet accusing Bryn Kenney of using unethical bankroll management without his backers being aware. Kenney admitted in an interview that he began the year $3.5 million in make up and used half of his bankroll to enter the Triton £1 million Super High Roller

Deeb followed up with an unfounded accusation that Kenney would have made a ton of side bets that exceeded himself ultimately leaving him unable to pay if he didn’t cash.


Deeb is known to speak his mind but this recent outburst has left many high-profile names in the game angry that he would publicly accuse a fellow player in this way without evidence

Superstar David Peters was first to retaliate on Kenney’s behalf. He said in his experience Kenney had always treated debts honourably. Jason Koon followed up saying he and Kenney didn’t really see eye-to-eye but he too knew him as always honouring his debts.

Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates confirmed that Kenney is indeed wreckless with his bankroll, but always pays people back.

Kenney certainly does have a reputation for rubbing people up the wrong way. He can be brash and outspoken. That said, he’s been around the scene for a long time now and we can see his reputation amongst his peers is an honourable one.

Jungleman even tells a story how Kenney guaranteed a loan for $500k for a friend who eventually welched on $3 million. Without a complaint, Kenney paid every cent.

This tale may still yet have legs for more controversy. Deeb tweeted again to tell his followers that Kenney had made threats to fight him next time they were together. Not only that, but Kenney supposedly challenged him to high-stakes heads-up in Las Vegas after the WSOPE. Deeb claims he accepted but Kenney then backed down.

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