Shaun Deeb Slowrolls Again!

2 years ago
Shaun Deeb Slowrolls Again!
03 Jun

Shaun Deeb has a bit of a reputation for slow rolling and shooting angles. Daniel Negreanu has taken him to task for it in interviews and a few years ago he infuriated the poker world when he pulled off a cheap slow-roll in a pot that broke Mike Matusow for the session.

Never one to have been accused of class the polo neck and cap were back for yet more controversial high-jinks when he pulled the same shit in a pre-flop spot against Simon Zach’s magnificent beard. 

With pocket kings Deeb drags out his call in the relatively small pot against, leading Zach on until the final moment.

While a slow roll to needle a close friend or to prick a swollen ego can be a well timed joke, it is a universal of comedy that it should never be kicking down. When a $6+ million tourney winner slow rolls anyone it is a douche move, when that other player has about $80k in cashes to his name, you’re being a kind of Iranian refined, weapons grade, yellow cake douche.

We can only hope for justice in the form of a Jeremy Kaufman scale karmic rebuff.

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