Sportsbetting Boss ‘5dimesTony’ Kidnapped & Feared Murdered in Costa Rica

1 year ago
Sportsbetting Boss ‘5dimesTony’ Kidnapped & Feared Murdered in Costa Rica
23 Oct

One of the online sportsbetting world’s best-known characters has apparently been kidnapped, and is feared to have been murdered, in Costa Rica this week – police claiming to have found his body, despite an alleged $1million ransom having been paid by his wife for his release. have been updating the story recently since 43-year-old William Sean Creighton – known as 5dimesTony for his eponymous ‘5Dimes’ online sportsbook operations – went missing late last month.

This morning, quoting local news media, they wrote that a body has been found – believed to be that of Creighton -  although online poker forum posts are suggesting that it is all part of an elaborate ‘disappearance scam’ instigated by the betting mogul himself.

What is known for sure is that a missing person report was filed on September 25th by Creighton’s wife, and his Porsche Cayenne Turbo car has been found, allegedly ‘deliberately crashed’ into a wall in a rural area according to local press.

Reports and rumours that his wife had paid anywhere from $750,000 to $1million in cryptocurrency for his release have not been confirmed, and reports that private investigators hired by Mrs Creighton have clashed with local police have also been doing the rounds.

This ‘fact’ is disputed by many because it seems to have involved a Cuban bank, and cryptocurrency works in a different way, while police have said they have no knowledge of any ransom demands or payments being made.

The company itself has not commented on any of the details, reports or rumours, simply releasing a statement as follows:

Costa Rica was one of the countries of choice for US-based poker players who found themselves in limbo when Black Friday struck in 2011, as well as a prime location for the sportsbetting industry.

The 5Dimes site used to offer poker through skins of Pitbull Poker, and still offers poker along with its sportsbetting, casino and lottery portfolio.

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