Staples Brothers 28 lbs. Away From Winning $150K Prop Bet

4 years ago
Staples Brothers 28 lbs. Away From Winning $150K Prop Bet
05 Feb

A comment from a Twitch viewer was the impetus for a prop bet that has made Jaime Staples two-thirds of the man he used to be, a transformation that may see him and brother Matt pocketing $150,000 next month.

If you follow poker at all, you certainly know about the 50-1 odds on $3K that the Staples boys are getting in a wager with Bill Perkins that requires the brothers to be one pound of each other in weight by the 26th of March. Jaime and Matt have been diligently working toward achieving that goal for more than 10 months and as they near the home stretch, a victory is in sight.

When they began their weight loss/gain regimens, Jaime tipped the scales at 304 lbs., while his baby brother moved the weight scale needle to just 134 lbs. After following personal diets and exercise programs with the help of a personal trainer, nobody is calling the boys "fatty" and "skinny" anymore.

Their latest weigh-in on January 24 found Jaime at 209.2 lbs and Matt at 181.2. That's a mere 28-lbs. difference that has the brothers confident of collecting $150,000 in just seven weeks.

Fat Kid No More

“Food has always been a difficult thing for me," Jaime recently told The Independent. "I’ve relied on it when having tough times and turned to it when I’m celebrating. I went on my first diet in grade five."

Little bro Matt obviously didn't have the same type of relationship with food as his elder, but he now has a relationship with the gym that includes pumping iron five or six days a week. Add to that a high calorie diet and Matt has put on almost 50 lbs. of bulk.

While it may seem easier to gain weight than shed it, don't lose sight of the fact that Matt's role in the wager hasn't been a walk in the park.

“I had to make more of a lifestyle change, but physically it is harder for him,” Jaime stated.

While the chance of winning $150,000 in the “Ultimate Sweat” prop bet certainly is a motivating factor, it's not the biggest reason that the Staples boys have put themselves through rigorous changes for the past 10 months, according to Jaime. What really gets him pumped up about the wager are the naysayers who claim that it can't be done.

"Drives me more than the money in the bank,” he said.

Weigh-In Schedule

The official weigh-in to determine whether Jaime and Matt are successful or not will be live-streamed on Twitch on March 26 at 5:00 p.m. Until then, the PokerStars ambassador will continue with his strict diet of 1,250 calories a day.

Perkins, meanwhile, continues to receive updates from Jaime regarding the boys' progress. Many suspect that the billionaire won't mind losing this prop bet.

“We think he is rooting for us to win this thing," Jaime admitted. "He is very much on our side and happy we are making positive changes in our lives.”

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