Talon White Named as Poker Pro at Centre of $Multi-Million Video Piracy Scheme

2 years ago
Talon White Named as Poker Pro at Centre of $Multi-Million Video Piracy Scheme
29 May

The poker pro who had more than $4million in cash and cryptocurrency seized in a federal video piracy case this month has been named this week as Talon White – with reports of a further $20million having been seized from various bank and crypto accounts connected to White late last year…

As we reported a couple of weeks back, federal prosecutors have claimed that White (at that point an ‘unnamed poker pro’ ) and others received ‘payments from subscribers to download movies and shows in violation of copyright laws’.

The full financial details of the highly-lucrative piracy businesses alleged to have been run by White and associates make for incredible reading.

FlushDraw’s Haley Hintze has reported that Chase Bank accounts in both White’s name and that of Viral Sensations Inc. contained sums of up to:  $5,900,000, $5,900,000, $90,000 and $419,367.

A separate Stripes account held $8,029,933 while numerous cryptocurrency accounts were also seized last November, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum amounting to almost $1million.

Described by his attorney Rain Minns as ‘a professional poker player’, White’s Hendon Mob listing shows just over $100,000 in tournament winnings.

White’s results stretch back to his first, and to date biggest, cash of $31,153 at the Spring Poker Round-up in 2012 at the Wildhorse Resort and Casino in Pendleton, Oregon.

In our previous report we noted that IRS Special Agent Keith Druffel claimed that White “was found to have no verifiable legitimate income sources" although cash games and online poker are both known to generate such massive income streams.

The authorities, however, believe that White’s $millions came from pirated content on websites such as noobroom.com, nobroom7.com, Superchillin.com, Movietv.to and Sit2play.com.

White has yet to respond publicly or legally to the latest federal seizures.

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