Thai Police Detain Fun88 Casino Employees Connected to Serial Killer

3 weeks ago
07 Sep

The Royal Thai Police has recently apprehended 14 individuals working for the online casino Fun88 after discovering an association with alleged serial killer Sararat "Am" Rangsiwuthaporn, also known as "Am Cyanide" in Thai media.

The employees are facing charges of money laundering and organised gambling. All forms of gambling are prohibited in Thailand aside from the state lottery.

15 Victims

Rangsiwuthaporn is accused of poisoning at least 15 people with cyanide to steal their money and fuel her gambling addiction. Over a three-year period, she spent more than 78 million baht ($2.3 million) on Fun88, often as much as 10 million baht ($290,000) in a day.

Police are still seeking another seven casino employees.

At the time of her arrest in April, Rangsiwuthaporn was five months pregnant, losing the baby in June, and if convicted she will be considered one of the world's most prolific female serial killers in history.

Deputy National Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn has described Rangsiwuthaporn’s case as historic in Thailand, comparing her to the notorious Jack the Ripper from England.

The police have discovered substantial evidence, including over 700 vials of cyanide that Am ordered and traces of cyanide found on her person.

Most of her alleged victims were wealthy individuals, including three high-ranking police officers, and are said to have died after Rangsiwuthaporn slipped the cyanide pills into food and drink or even offered them as herbal supplements.

The investigation revealed her massive online gambling debts, which led to the arrest of the 14 Fun88 employees. Authorities have seized assets worth over 15 million baht, including three cars, luxury goods, and bank account deposits.

The case has captivated the nation, and Rangsiwuthaporn faces the death penalty if found guilty.

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