The Best Three YouTube Channels for Poker Newcomers to Help Them Learn

1 month ago
The Best Three YouTube Channels for Poker Newcomers to Help Them Learn
21 Apr

If you talk to a poker professional, they will tell you that learning the game is not always easy. What is even more complicated than learning is winning a game. However, we live in this modern age where we now have the luxury of learning anything with the click of a button. Many people exist on YouTube today to help people understand the art of playing poker. However, not all always provide the best information to their watchers. You want to make sure who you are watching knows what they are talking about and is relaying ethical, professional tips that will set you up for success in the long run, especially for those who want to play online poker real money.

Below we will discuss the three best YouTube channels to help newcomers learn poker.

Top three YouTube channels

1. Raise your edge

  • Getting tips and lessons from an actual poker player and coach is always a plus. The owner of this channel is Bencb, providing his listeners with a trough of information to help take beginners to a higher level of their game. He also provides paid courses if you want to get more in-depth, but the YouTube channel videos and shorts are chopped full of information, so you would not need a paid course. In addition, he also seeks to explain the mindset necessary to play poker. Ask any professional player they will tell you the game takes a toll on your mind, so it's essential to have the appropriate mindset when diving into online poker for real money.

2. Doug Polk Poker

  • The Doug Polk YouTube channel looks to add a little bit of fun and education. This channel is interesting because he looks at all parts of the game. He talks about other players and their approach to the game while offering his opinions about the best practices to follow. It can be a little overwhelming once you first log on, but once you are familiar with his content, you will find helpful tips in almost every video.

3. PokerGO

  • As a beginner, sometimes the best thing to do is to watch other players and analyze their playing style. At PokerGO, they showcase some of the best poker games, videos, and shows for your viewing pleasure. These videos will give you an inside look at multiple players and how they approach the game, and as you learn more and more, you will see in real-time how some of the strategies you have learned get implemented into the game. They will help to see what works and what does not and provide a baseline for you when you enter your first match. Also, it can teach the game's etiquette and how to interact with the other players. Without purposefully relaying information, PokerGO provides a lifetime of information to help you develop as a poker player.

With the emergence of YouTube, a new learning system emerged. With these channels, you will find tips, videos, strategies, etc., all of which will enable you to be ready to take the next step and play on some poker online real money sites, or you could even go one step further and get some friends together for a game and take money from them instead!

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