The Biggest Bluffs of All Time

3 years ago
The Biggest Bluffs of All Time
20 Sep

Bluffing in poker has always been one of the biggest talking points for anyone who has never played the game – the thrill of tricking someone high on the list of what makes poker sound cool, just behind winning millions of course!

The buzz from pulling off an elaborate bluff is also high on the list for players themselves, few feelings better than forcing a player to lay down a big hand – the bluffer then revealing his own shabby holding with glee.

Not every player will show their clever trickery, of course, but for some it appears to be their reason for playing poker, and there’s always the TV cameras and holecards to catch the crème de la crème.

Here’s our list of top 3 bluffs of all time….

1.   Kassouf’s Nine High Like a Boss

The loudmouthed, highly-talented William Kassouf plied his brand of high-octane table-talk at UK casinos for years before taking his show on the road to the USA.

His personality didn’t always make him friends there, though, and at the 2016 World Series of Poker it was a brutal bluff that started all his troubles…

2.   Moneymaker’s Main Event Millions

With huge sums of money at stake, pulling off great bluffs at the WSOP get massive attention, and few ore so than Chris Moneymaker’s bluff in 2003.

The accountant had satellited his way to the Main Event for just $86 and incredibly found himself heads-up for the title – and $2.5milllion – against the legendary Sammy Farha.

Despite being on the biggest stage and playing for the highest stakes, Moneymaker held his nerve to take the title, this perfect bluff playing a huge part in his win…

3.   Sam Trickett’s Triton Trickery

Something else that makes non-players gasp is the entry fee - the buy-in – that some pros pay to play in a tournament. Combine that with an amazing bluff and it’s adds up to a tale to tell the grandchildren.

Sam Trickett and Stephen Chidwick are the two winningest English players ever. Throw in Bryn Kenney, the man who would become the winningest player ever in the whole world. Add a £1million buy-in into the mix and you have all the ingredients for the highest-level bluff of all time

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