The Eagle Cup sets New Highs for Global Poker

3 years ago
The Eagle Cup sets New Highs for Global Poker
07 Oct

'Atarimaster' outlasts 2,667 players in the inaugural Eagle Cup event, winning SC$1,565 and making Global Poker history.

The first leg of the Global Poker Championships - The Eagle Cup - has been huge for the American online poker scene. It all started on October 1st with an SC$10,000 freeroll. 

A massive 2,667 player field battled it out for the SC$1,565 first place prize. It all came down to 'Atarimaster' heads up against 'Joe161' in a heart-pumping final hand. 

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‘Atarimaster’ had Ace-seven offsuit when he went all in against  'Joe161' who flipped pocket kings. It all seemed lost until an ace fell from space and onto the river giving 'Atarimaster' the first Global Poker Championship in history. 

Besides the money (and the hell of a story of how he got it), 'Atarimaster' left with the first-ever "Global Poker Champions Pack" which includes a Global Poker shirt and cap as well as an Eagle Cup trophy with his name engraved on it. 

The Global Champions Pack was sent to his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, as will be done with every other championship in this series. This was just the first of many.

Since then, the Eagle Cup has been growing with every tournament, with record fields that have more than doubled guarantees over just the first week. At this rate, the SC$1,250,000 guarantee could end up being much bigger.

The Eagle Cup Leaderboard has also given players the chance to compete for a different type of prize, besides the respect of their peers, the winner will represent Global Poker in a live tournament.

Currently ‘Stella Blue’ is leading the way with 320 points. The series is not over yet, however, and players from all over the United States are battling for that number one spot.

The next week of the Eagle Cup has a wide range of tournaments including a second chance to make Global Poker history with the first ever Fixed Limit tournament on the site. 

That's not all, next week will also feature Big Ante tournaments and, of course, the SC$15,000 Guarantee 2R1A kicks off this Sunday at 4:15 pm EST

There is more Eagle Cup action coming up over the next few weeks. If you want in on it, head on over to

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