The Jivaro HUD: Part 3 – What The Future Holds

2 years ago
The Jivaro HUD: Part 3 – What The Future Holds
28 Nov

So far we have looked at how the idea for Jivaro’s Heads-Up Display (HUD) was born, and in Part 2 we delved into the challenges the developers behind the poker tool had to overcome. Here, in Part 3, we will look at how Jivaro plan to combine the future of poker and HUD’s….

Tweets like the one above are the norm nowadays, the good-but-clumsy HUD’s of yesteryear replaced by Jivaro’s “seamless design and functionality” that “truly looks like the future” as one user described it.

The number of poker streamers using the Jivaro HUD is also a testament to its utility, the recently-engaged PokerStars pro Jaime Staples using it as part of his, pardon the pun, ‘staple diet’ on his PokerStaples stream, with no plans to change that…

To stay ahead of the curve, however, you have to grow and the Icelandic team behind Jivaro added ACR to its compatible sites last year – a move which expanded its player-base into the USA…

As a smallish company with big ideas, the Reykjavik-based team have been careful not to rush into decisions – its community-based approach taking on board player feedback at every step.

One such step saw the popular 6plus Hold’em catered for, the new ACR favourite coming to the fore online this year after some very-high profile live events featuring the likes of Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey and other legends of the game.

Small but important steps have allowed the rather unique HUD to gradually replace the old-school HUDs in the hearts and minds of poker players, especially of the recreational variety.

That’s not to say pros don’t use it, of course, as Jaime Staples above shows only too well, but there is a simplicity about the Jivaro approach that lends itself to strong and improving amateurs, with professional input.

The 300 or so ‘stats’ that online poker produces have been trimmed down to what is actually required to help you play better poker – on a ‘what you need to know, when you need to know it’ basis. 

As mentioned previously, the team explained the concept:

“The statistics that Jivaro displays were hand-picked by seasoned online pros as the most important and relevant ones”.

So, to the future…what will Jivaro’s role be?

Adding more sites? Possibly, although they won’t be drawn too much into that guessing game. However, as the most easily integratable HUD on the market they would be the natural choice should the other big sites be looking to improve their offerings.

Improving the software? A recent chat with the Jivaro developers gave an insight into how they plan ahead:

“There is always something new that we learn almost every week and something exciting we think about adding, both regarding stability and overall experience”.

User-friendly and user-focused seems to be their key to success, both now and moving forward, the team recently thanking:

“…the users who are very supportive and give us a ton of great feedback. Our goals is to create something poker players enjoy using and helps them become better players, so feedback is very valuable to us!”

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