The New Poker Power Couple: Daniel Negreanu and Amanda Leatherman

3 years ago
The New Poker Power Couple: Daniel Negreanu and Amanda Leatherman
25 Dec

The poker community has a strange fascination with Daniel Negreanu’s love life. His numerous relationships are as part of his brand as putting opponents on specific hands before going all in. After his divorce, DNegs has had a hard time staying in a relationship, it was even the subject of a “Millionaire Matchmaker” episode, but is that about to change?

Yes, this happened.

There is one “favorite” among his ex-girlfriends that the strangers who care about his love life always rooted for, and that’s former PokerStars’ Big Game host, Amanda Leatherman. Maybe it’s because she’s part of the community and has on-screen energy that matches Daniel’s, or her generally approachable public persona but this young blonde lady always had a special place in many hearts. So when this fun couple broke up, it was in the poker news. 

Amanda left Vegas and the poker world for a few years, she has been open of the fact that this was because she couldn’t handle partying as much as she did, needed a break from it. She returned to Vegas years later and now hosts Friday Night Poker on Facebook Watch.

After Daniel Negreanu broke up with his longtime girlfriend Marisa Rachelle Rodney, he reconnected with Amanda Leatherman. Happy to report the two seem happy about rekindling their relationship.

Amanda talks gleefully of her experiences with Daniel whenever it comes up on Friday Night Poker, and on Daniel’s DAT Poker podcast he said:

“Amanda and I have been hanging out a lot, and she’s making me really, really happy… We met when we were very young, (well, she was young) and we had our experiences in life. I was in a relationship, and she was in one until the stars aligned.”

Well, we wish them well, it’s always great to see two people finding someone to love in this huge sick world.

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