The Poker World Is Saying Goodbye to Doyle Brunson

1 year ago
The Poker World Is Saying Goodbye to Doyle Brunson
16 Jun

There are a few mononymous individuals Beyonce, Madonna, Napoleon. The poker world really only has Doyle. Or perhaps we should say ‘had’ because – as you will be aware unless you have gone to your nuclear bunker until the Kim-Trump summit is over – Doyle is retiring from poker. 

Twitter has exploded with tributes to him, ranging from angry Hillary supporters telling him to get bent to a far larger number of people praising his personal and professional legacies and his hat, of course.

The tributes started before he’d even finished his final event, the $10k No Limit 2-7 Lowball Event with the #ggDoyle hashtag.

Doyle the Ladies’ Man

We were reminded that, ever the gentleman, Doyle was always a hit with the ladies.

Doyle The International Star

The tributes came in from as far afield as India and Eastern Europe.

Doyle As The Pros Pro

And from dozens of the biggest names in the game for the biggest name in the game.

So the Doyle era comes to a close. We think. He has since announced that the rumours of his I’m GTFO-of-Dodge-ing, might have been exaggerated.

So that should probably be this is “The End … ?” of the Doyle era.

He’s also said he’s not going anywhere as far as his Twitter is concerned. So you can still get your angry old American political opinions even if we won’t be seeing him at the tables.

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