The Underrated Nature of Playing Video Poker Online

6 months ago
The Underrated Nature of Playing Video Poker Online
22 May

Video poker has been around for more than 40 years. By the mid-eighties they could be found in almost every casino in the gambling Mecca of Las Vegas being used by millions of casual punters.

These machines are great entertainment and offer players the chance to gamble against the house in the hope of a slight edge through strategy.

Video poker machines are seriously underrated as a way of having fun while trying to grind out a profit.

Everybody knows that games such as slots and roulette offer the house an edge that can never be overcome. While they can still be a lot of fun, particularly when you’re on a winning streak, you somehow always leave the session feeling like something is missing.

All casino games can now be found online on sites such as, video poker being one of the most popular choices.

Video Poker Tips

Gambling might be fun in general, but it’s always a lot more fun when you’re winning and know that you have the chance to win over the long run.

With that in mind here are some tips to give you an insight into why video poker online is underrated and how you can try to beat the house.

Firstly, make sure that you choose the best game for you. Different games have different payout structures and you can needlessly waste a lot of time and effort playing the wrong game.

You must investigate strategy for your chosen game. Unlike slot machines which have limited input from the player video poker, video poker requires some thought to maximise your profits.

Most video poker is a form of draw poker where the player will have one or more opportunities to pick another card for their hand. Obviously, understanding when to stand pat and when to draw is key to winning.

How Video Poker Can Improve Your Real Poker Skills

Online video poker and real online poker are two different games, but with many similarities. For example, having the self-discipline to follow your strategy playing video poker will transfer into real games.

We all know how important discipline is to being a winning poker player, but having the opportunity to practice this online before testing your skills against real people will work wonders.

Bankroll management is another concept that many poker players deal with badly. This apple from the bottom to the very top of the game. Multiple World Series of Poker gold bracelet winner Mike “The Mouth” Matusow has famously gone bust multiple times over his career.

Playing video poker can teach you how to manage your bankroll and get the most value from your investment, whether that’s finding a way to beat the game or purely maximising the number of hours of entertainment you get for your money.

Variance is the bane of every poker player’s life. It is also a fact of life and one that can be ignored. You must learn to deal with it.

Video poker is also underrated in this respect. You can sit relaxed in your own home playing video poker without any psychological dynamics from other players. There will be nobody trying to needle you and put you off your game.

Through this lens you will see the natural swings of your bankroll and something that is not to be afraid of. You can focus on making good decisions without any negative external influences. 

Progressive Jackpot Video Poker Online

As punters we all enjoy the buzz of chasing a win. There can be no greater buzz than hitting a huge jackpot that is tens of thousands of dollars more than what it costs to play.

Progressive jackpot video poker offers such an opportunity. The jackpot builds up over time until somebody gets the payout of their life.

Bonuses and Promotions

The online casino industry is always generous with bonuses, but you have to keep an eye out in order not to miss out.

The more bonuses you pick up the greater chance you have of being able to play longer and actually pick up a profit.

You can actually be proactive and ask live chat support if there is anything they can offer you to become a new customer or to redeposit new funds to wager.

As you can see, online video poker is a massively underrated way to gamble. There are tons of positives as to why it is so entertaining and well worth having a go on.

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