Three Great Pieces Of Poker Advice You Can Take From Marle’s Vlog

2 months ago
Three Great Pieces Of Poker Advice You Can Take From Marle’s Vlog
07 Mar

Marle Cordeiro shared her poker journey on her YouTube channel and her story carries some nuggets of wisdom you can take for your own career.

1. You Won’t Get Good At Poker If You Don’t Acknowledge What You Don’t Know

“If you want to get better at poker, just ask questions. They will be dumb, you will look dumb… but 30 seconds later you will know the answer and you will be dumb no more.”

Being around aspiring poker pros you quickly notice that some of them have huge egos despite being new to the game.

It’s alright to be confident in your abilities, but the problem with big egos is that they bruise easily. So, many prefer to figure it out on their own instead of asking questions and risk being called a fish, sacrificing huge chunks of their bankroll for the sake of their feelings.

You can afford to get your feelings hurt, but you can’t afford to be a bad poker player

2. Figure Out If You Actually Want To Be Successful At Poker

Marle’s introduction to poker came from her father, who quit his job and moved the family to Vegas to become a poker pro but ended up busting his roll soon after. 

At 14, she worked as a model, then transitioned into acting, screenplay writing, and stand up in adulthood before jumping into poker.

A few months later, she was so broke she couldn’t even pay rent. Her friends tried to convince her to quit poker, noting that she could get a normal job and make good money with less grind.

And they were absolutely right! Who wouldn’t say that to a friend in that position? 

But she wouldn’t listen, she kept at it, despite it all, realizing that it was what she actually wanted to do. This revelation changed her mindset, and she started winning almost overnight.

3. Even If You Make It, There’s More To Life Than Poker

Professional poker is an interesting life but not everyone is fulfilled by it. Remember to step out of the tables now and then to enjoy the life you are grinding to get.

In Marle’s case, that means going back to creative projects like her vlog, without which we wouldn’t have this great advice for you. 

Have you taken your game to the next level? How did you figure out that’s what you wanted?  Tweet at us @Pokertube and let us know!

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