TigerGaming Introduce Boost Poker

2 years ago
TigerGaming Introduce Boost Poker
28 Mar

Every poker site needs to come up with fast-paced, action-packed offerings from time-to-time and Tiger Gaming has done exactly that with their new BOOST format, with both cash games and tournament play including the new feature.

For those of you familiar with PokerStars’ Zoom poker, you’ll already know the basics of Boost, the long-established Tiger Gaming poker room recreating the ‘fast fold’ option so that you don’t have to wait around ages at the same table for a decent hand.

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Simply described, the Boost Poker table will look to you just like a regular table, but when you fold your cards you are immediately moved onto a random table - against different players - before the hand is completed. Basically -  fold your hand and get a new one instantly against different opponents!

It might sound like a gimmick, but it’s an incredibly popular and clever idea, leading to as Tiger Gaming puts it…

  • Non-stop action
  • More poker in less in time
  • No more waiting time to discard those marginal hole cards

Of course, Tiger Gaming’s ‘Boost’ has its own flavour, and it’s useful to think about some nice strategies to help you win when you immediately appear at a brand new table:

  • Your ‘history’ will be pretty much unknown! Your new opponents won’t know if you’ve been raising every pot for ages, or stealing blinds willy-nilly, or whether you’re up $100’s for the day or tilting like crazy!
  • Naturally, the same thing holds true for when other newcomers pop up at your table, so you have to think in a whole new way in Boost Poker, and that makes it a challenge as well – requiring new ideas in familiar settings

So, no more waiting around to play some cards, just get out of Dodge and into new territory instantly. It’s fun, it’s exciting and it will almost certainly give your poker game a Boost!

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