Tom Dwan Plays a $700K Pot Against Antonio Esfandiari

1 year ago
Tom Dwan Plays a $700K Pot Against Antonio Esfandiari
17 Aug

The re-boot of "Poker After Dark" has been a hot topic among poker players this week after Tom Dwan and Antonio Esfandiari battled it out for a $697,100 pot.

The sick cooler hand saw the top three pocket pairs of aces, kings and queens dealt out pre-flop, with Dwan having the good fortune of holding bullets. Known to enjoy a good run of cards during the old Poker After Dark show that ran from 2007-2011, "durrrr" picked up right where he left off during the debut of the poker program's new edition.

Esfandiari held pocket kings, while Daniel Negreanu was third-best with a pair of ladies. KidPoker donated only about $40K into the pot before wisely folding after the big money was shoved into the middle.

Dwan did the shoving after tanking for a while, six-betting for $328K. Esfandiari was put to the decision of calling for $287K or folding his pocket kings, a not unfamiliar position for "The Magician," who has folded K-K a handful of times in big spots previously.

This was not one of those times, as Esfandiari made the call.

"Oh my gosh, I was going to probably fold this anyway, now I think it makes it much easier to fold," said Negreanu, as he showed his queens before tossing them into the muck.

Dwan and Esfandiari ran it twice, but Antonio watched helplessly as both boards ran out without another king making an appearance or connecting for a straight or flush that could have cracked Dwan's aces.

The $200/$400 cash game was held at the ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vegas and was broadcast via livestream on PokerGO. It lived up to the hype, with poker's biggest stars pitted against each other in high stakes action reminiscent of the years prior to Black Friday.

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