Tom Dwan’s Most Incredible Poker Moments

1 year ago
Tom Dwan’s Most Incredible Poker Moments
01 Dec

Tom “Durrrr” Dwan, one of the biggest names in poker. Tom is known for his quick rise through the Full Tilt games back in 2007 where he made over $7 million in only a short couple of years. He has also been a regular on High Stakes Poker over the last decade and is known for being in some of the largest televised pots to date. Today we look at some of Dwan's biggest moments.

Dwan Vs Patrik Antonius

Back in the days of High Stakes Poker, we see Tom Dwan executing his famous blank stare. Little to Antonius’ knowledge, “Durrrr” has set the trap and has Patrik right where he wants him. This pot ended up +$230,000 in Dwan's favour with Antonius heading straight for the rail. Patrik is a regular at the nosebleed cash games and has over $12 million in live tournament earnings. Patrik recently came runner up in a Super High Roller Bowl event in Macau cashing for his biggest ever score worth $3.1 million. Many top tier players consider Patrik to be one of the greatest.

Dwan Vs Phil Ivey

This hand left Phil Ivey speechless and also down over $600,000! Phil Ivey is one of the greatest to ever play, if not the greatest, and has the highest profit ever earned through online cash games at a stumbling +$19 million. However, not even Phil can get away from coolers like these. Quite frankly, it's hard to watch even as the spectator and it’s obvious that Patrik Antonius is even drawn back by the result. Nevertheless, Dwan scoops a huge one with nuts over second nuts on this occasion and pockets a $1.1 million dollar pot.

Dwan Vs Paul Phua

The biggest cash pot to date happened in the Triton cash games in Jeju, South Korea. The games there have started to become more popular amongst the high stakes community with a lot of businessmen playing with the professionals. Last year had a lot of familiar faces at it with Paul Phua shining the light in this one against Dwan. Paul Phua is a Malaysian high stakes businessmen who is an amateur poker player. He is known for being an organiser of the private games that are hosted in Macau and can usually be seen getting involved in the Triton games. Paul Phua ranks 37th on the all time money list and sits at $16 million in live tournament cashes.

The hand itself does not seem as though there is much to talk about with all the money going in preflop. However the experience the players have with each other plays a big role as well as the reputation Dwan holds. Known for being one of the most aggressive and bluff heavy players in the game, Dwan has been praised for his ball busting bluffs in the past and has outplayed some of the best in the game in doing so. Unfortunately for Dwan however, this flip cost him over a million dollars.

Infact, here’s a pot from the Million Dollar Challenge where Tom not only announces his hand to his opponent preflop. But then decides to put all his money on the line with a stone cold bluff. 

It would be fair to say that Tom is one of the most unique players in the game.

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