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James from Fife in the UK, is a semi-professional poker player who comes from an online cash and tournament background. He likes to express his passion for poker in his writing.

Articles by James Currie

The Greatest Runs Ever in the World Series of Poker

Since its inception in 1970, the WSOP has crowned hundreds of champions, but some runs have stood out from the rest.

Live Poker Events, 1 month ago

The Worst Player to Ever Win the WSOP Main Event

The WSOP Main Event is the most prestigious and lucrative poker tournament in the world. But who is the worst player to ever win it?

Why Tournaments Are Way Better than Cash Games

We all go back and forth between the two formats, both have their pros and cons, but let’s dive into why tournaments have the upper hand over cash games.

Phil Ivey’s Top 5 Poker Moments

Phil Ivey's career is littered with great moments, making it tough to choose any over the other but here are 5 of the best to enjoy.

Online Poker , 1 year ago

Top 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Play Online Cash Games

There are plenty of downsides to this format of poker and it’s important to take note of some of these before putting your money on the felt

Have Poker VLOGS Become Boring?

Are VLOGS getting better? Are more people watching? And is there room for newcomers? Well it’s something worth discussing

Why the Hendon Mob is actually Flawed

How much of an insight into a players success are we being shown really?

The Funniest Poker Hands of 2019

Take a look at some of the funniest hands we have encountered from the past year

Top 3 Biggest Winning Poker Moments

Let’s breakdown three of the biggest tournament payouts we’ve seen so far

Ike Haxton Top 3 Televised Poker Hands

Today we look at the top 3 hands that have been captured of Haxton in some of the biggest games in the world

Top 3 Poker Videos of 2019

Throughout 2019, we have stumbled upon a lot of controversy and major incidents

Top 5 Phil Ivey Hands

Let’s delve into some of Ivey’s biggest hands from over the years

Michael Borovetz Pleads Guilty

Borovetz has finally pled guilty to a singular theft charge after years of scamming people

Tom Dwan’s Most Incredible Poker Moments

Tom is known for being in some of the largest televised pots to date

Sam Trickett Has Mercedes G Wagon Stolen From Home

Sam Trickett’s Black G Wagon Mercedes was stolen in the early hours of November 22nd