Tony G’s Top 5 Birthday Blowouts!

2 years ago
Tony G’s Top 5 Birthday Blowouts!
13 Dec

A quiet birthday party with a few friends? Not a bit of it for the irrepressible Tony G, the Lithuanian poker maestro planning to celebrate his 45th birthday in style, a huge poker party at close friend Leon Tsoukernik’s Kings Casino in Rozvadov.

Rather than look at the ins and outs of what next week’s bash will involve – we’ll cover that when it happens -  let’s give Antanas ‘Tony G’ Guoga a present of a top 5 memories of his outrageous and iconic TV poker moments…

1. Trolling Phil Hellmuth

It’s not often anyone gets one up on Phil Hellmuth in the mouthpiece stakes, but this hilarious angle-shoot against the Poker Brat leaves Hellmuth lost for words… a classic piece of Tony G trolling…

2. One hell of an actor!

As Tony G has shown over the years, the power of speechplay can be priceless – even when he’s clearly had a few celebratory drinks!

3. Silenced by Rousso!

It’s not often the Aussie-raised Guoga comes off worse in a fight, but the silent treatment by Vanessa Rousso backfired for him spectacularly in the following PokerStars Big Game TV special…

4. Bring more Russians on!

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye, as they say back home, and this next clip sees Rafael ‘Ralph’ Perry walking into one of Tony’s trademark eye-pokes – persuading the Russian to get all the chips in with a less than stellar hand.

The blows don’t end there however… Tony ’single-handedly re-igniting the Cold War’ as the commentators say!

5. Mind games and Robl rage!

Poker is a show to Tony G and sometimes it’s hard to know if he’s serious – or just producing great poker TV! Watch the following double-barreled blow-up against ‘internet kid’ Andrew Robl and decide for yourself – and happy birthday Tony G!!

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