Top 3 Hands From Triton Cash Game Episode 1

3 years ago
Top 3 Hands From Triton Cash Game Episode 1
29 Sep

The sickest cash game in history has finally hit our screens. The $1 million buy-in cash game at the Landing Casino, Jeju, Korea showcased a whole roster of star names such as Sam Greenwood and Jason Koon, as well as local high-stakes players.

Let’s take a look at three of the best hands from the action in episode one.

Hand 1:

Chinese multi-millionaire Wang ‘Shanghai Wong’ Qiang kicked off the game in fearless style opening A7 from the HJ for $20,000. Rui Cao, from France, makes a speculative call with QJ .

The flop comes J55 and Wang c-bets $30,000 into a pot of $50,000. Cao makes an easy call with top pair.

The turn is the 10 bringing flush and straight draws into the mix. Wang fires again with his perceived range advantage. Cao calls once again.

The river is the J putting a flush out there. Wang sees this as his chance to blow Cao off of a number of medium strength hands and fires the third barrel but soon gets the bad news in a pot of $431,000.

Hand 2:

Canadian Elton Tsang makes a loose open raising to $25,000 with 6c5d from UTG+2. Wai Kin Yong calls in the CO with KQ , and Tan Xuan calls A10 in the BB.

The flop comes AKA and all three players check.

The turn is 4 and Xuan checks his monster once again. Tsang decides he’s seen enough weakness and bets $42,000. Yong calls the bet but Xuan comes back over the top and check raises to $130,000. Tsang folds and Yong makes a thin call.

The river is the 7 . Xuan value bets $200,000 into a pot of $327,000 and Yong makes a surprising call with so many strong hands his opponent can have.

Hand 3:

Jason Koon opens 109 from the CO, Tsang calls with 75 on the BTN and Cao calls with 108 in the BB.

The flop comes 7A2 and Cao and Koon both check. Tsang true to form takes a stab at the pot. Cao folds and Koon makes an exploitative call.

The turn is the Q and both players check.

The river is the J and Koon now tries to rep a weak ace betting almost the full pot knowing that Tsang’s range is weak given his line and tendencies. Tsang ponders for a short while before folding. A great advanced play by Koon.

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