Warwick Mirzikinian To Pay His Victim’s Funeral Costs

2 months ago
Warwick Mirzikinian To Pay His Victim’s Funeral Costs
25 Mar

Warwick Mirzikinian – the Australian poker pro who was charged with killing cyclist Julien Trameaux with his Tesla – has made a public declaration that he is willing to pay for Trameaux’s funeral.

The 49 year old millionaire was charged with “dangerous driving occasioning death and negligent driving occasioning death” when he ran down the 26 year old gig economy worker. 

If ever a sentence served as a neat summary for the millennial condition, there it is.

Mirzirkinian’s wealth made him famous in Australia where he lives with his wife near the Prime Minister in Sydney’s most expensive suburb. His wife gained minor celebrity in Oz for her news interview regarding a sinkhole in the neighbourhood.

Mirzikinian is best known in the poker world for his appearance at last year’s WSOP where he came in 20th in the Main Event for $324,650.

It is not yet clear how much of that he’s going to fork out for Trameaux’s funeral, or indeed if the family has accepted his money.

Trameaux was working the UberEats gig in an attempt to get enough scratch together to start his own patisserie. The tragic irony that the lump sum on offer is for his funeral and not his future is palpable.

No doubt Mirzirkinian’s gesture is calculated to sweeten the judge at his sentencing. Whether or not he will be able to successfully buy that leniency we will have to wait and see.

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