Weekly High Stakes Report: Ike Haxton Books Six-Figure Profit

7 years ago
Weekly High Stakes Report: Ike Haxton Books Six-Figure Profit
15 Jul

Another week is gone and despite many players still being in the States, the high-stakes cash tables have seen a fair share of the action last seven days. The biggest matchup took place on Friday evening as players sat down for what was going to turn into a five and a half hours session.

The players who put their money on the table were Isaac ‘Ike’ Haxton and a player known online as ‘n0d1ceb4by’ for the heads-up match which would first start at $50/$100 PLO tables and after some three hours of play, according to HighstakesDB, Ike was up $76,000.

The two then decided it was a time to up the ante and moved on to $100/200 increasing the number of the tables played as well from three to five. Things did not go any better for n0d1ceb4by however, as he kept bleeding money to Ike who was up to about $200,000 in profit as match was drawing to an end, but n0d1ceb4by managed to get some of that back in the final moments, leaving Haxton up only $157,000. With the last night’s win, HighstakesDB has Ike on just over $200k profit for the year over 150,000 hands played.

Other players who fared well this week include ‘ChaoRen160’ who finished up just shy of $47,000. His profit game from heads up match played on Friday/Saturday against ‘TcfromUB’ who, conversely, ended the week stuck about $47k. This helps ChaoRen160’s odds of getting unstuck for the year, as HighstakesDB currently has him about $206k in the red over 12,000 hands. As for TCfromUB, he is stuck $45.5k but has only played slightly over 300 hands in 2014.

Player ‘no122’ made a nice chunk of profit to the tune of $37k beating ‘Lefort1’ over 135 hands of $50/100 heads-up PLO. ‘mikki696’ had a good weekend as well, winning $62.5k. ‘WithColor’ finished up $48,500 on Friday, but took a dive yesterday and is currently stuck nearly $10k for the week. He is still having a good year though, being up nearly $277,000.

Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom played 3,500 hands last week and was able to decrease his seven figure loss for the year by nearly $14,000, making at least a step in right direction. He was playing some $100/$200 Pot Limit Omaha earlier tonight against ‘AckmaJin’ and ‘Ravenswood13’, so it remains to be seen what this week has in store for the living legend of online high stakes poker. Ilari ‘Ziigmund’ Sahamies also took about $11.5k dive during the weekend according to HighstakesDB, but he is still nearly $179k in the black for the year over 6.3k hands.

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