Who’s on Top in the Poker Book Sales Charts?

6 months ago
Who’s on Top in the Poker Book Sales Charts?
16 Feb

Poker books and big-name authors of the game have always found a willing public amongst the community, but just how well do they do now that ‘everything’ is online and often free? Let’s take a look at some of the biggest and the best from poker’s wordsmiths

1. Phil Hellmuth – POSITIVITY

Starting with one of the best-known players in the game, the Poker Brat’s tome in his own words “teaches 8 important life tips and explains why you are always in the right place at the right time”

The market for ‘motivational’ books is massive, so Hellmuth’s current 134th spot in the Amazon Kindle rankings is very impressive, as is his 250th place in the Non-Fiction charts.

What that translates to in financial terms is anyone’s guess of course, but since Hellmuth isn’t short of a few bucks anyway it’s the kudos of being up there with the best that means most to him.

2. Chris Moorman – Moorman: The inside story of the most successful online poker player of all time

A long title for sure, but a very accurate description of the online MTT beast who has broken more records than anyone else on the virtual tournament felt.

Players wanting to improve will always be looking for the inside track on how the best become the best, and this book combines autobiography with hand histories so you can follow Moorman’s thoughts and feelings along the way.

Currently number 144 in sales among Kindle poker books, this book deserves way more love – and if it doesn’t climb to top ten status it’s a travesty!

3. Amanda Botfeld - A Girl's Guide to Poker

Ok, ok, this one hasn’t sold any copies at all – yet! But come this summer who knows how well this little number will do. Maybe it will even challenge Molly Bloom’s incredible story?

The ‘Bridget Jones of the poker world’ sets out to teach you everything ‘from insider poker lingo (bluff! checkraise! snapcall!) to fancy winning plays with the help of easy-to-read mini-chapters and quizzes. Most poker books read like a math textbook. This one reads like Cosmo.’

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