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Online Poker League Dream Stream Team
29 Sep

There are few things better than Twitch and poker, so it’s no surprise that I am pretty excited about how the Online Poker League is utilizing Twitch so effectively in the next month.

You will surely already be excited about the Online Poker League. It runs between 1st and 31st October 2016 and it is being supported by 10 major poker rooms with at least one tournament being played per night. All tournaments have a very affordable buy-in of between $3 and $5 and each tournament has $250 - $500 added on top. Very nice so far! You earn points depending on where you finish and your best 10 OPL results determine your final result. If you make it to the leaderboard you might capture some of the $18,000 that is added where the winner walks away with a cool $7k which is made of various prizes. Check them out:

PokerTube has also arranged for 10 sponsors to put up even more prizes! Intrigued? Check out this link for more information. In short, there is a total $35k added and there are tournament entries added to the cash outs.

Some of the best-known twitch streamers in the poker community are streaming the OPL and between 1st and 31st of October, these guys will form the Online Poker League Dream Stream Team! So who are these dream stream team members then? Let me introduce them.


Tonkaaaap is a cracking poker player who I can literally watch play poker for hours and often do. He plays at the highest stakes yet is witty, funny and very endearing. Anyone who can laugh and joke whilst playing for thousands of dollars has my respect. Tonkaaaap will be streaming events throughout the season and posting videos and other social content to share how he gets on. I bet he does pretty well.

Looking ahead to the OPL, Tonkaaaap said:

"I am pumped for the OPL, everyone in my stream gets a chance to battle it out on the felt and have a chance for a bunch of sick prizes. It's perfect because we just discontinued our own channel home games and this serves as a better replacement than anything I could think of. I will definitely be out there battling for all those prizes.”

Doug Polk

Why is it that I smile whenever I see Doug Polk’s name? Doug is one of poker’s biggest streamers and with his popular YouTube channel and his ability to get into the poker newsDoug Polk is really big in poker right now. Doug really cares about his fans and only gets involved with projects that help players, so his agreement to get involved is an endorsement you can take to the bank in its own right! A multi-time record breaker on Twitch and proven high stakes player, watching Doug play will help your game improve.

Commenting on the OPL and heaping praise on the concept, Doug said:

"A company creating a league which actually cares for and helps players gain an edge in poker. Perfect for any players trying to build a bankroll, have fun whilst doing it and oh yeah win some money and cool poker stuff from it."


I found Spraggy’s stream ages ago at random one day and boy, am I glad I did! Spraggy has built his channel around his “Build a bankroll” challenge and wears his heart on his sleeve as he plays online poker on Twitch. Spraggy REALLY wants to win the OPL and has pledged to stream as much as he can.

Spraggy teaches his audience about good bankroll management as he builds his roll. He said:

"As someone doing a micro stakes challenge for my Twitch audience I am always looking for ways in which I can find them added value. The Online Poker League money added tournaments and leaderboard provide a huge opportunity for players building a bankroll and I'm looking forward to being able to bring that opportunity to my viewers."

We are getting very close to the launch of the OPL. You can follow the action on the above twitch streams and at $3 - $5, maybe it’s your own destiny to shine in the league. Also check out the PokerTube Facebook PageEvery Night from7pm GMT too for ongoing coverage of the action.

It’s not to be missed, so please don’t miss it! Shuffle up... and stream!

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